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Does Your Pet Have Chronic Ear Problems? Click Here to Learn More

Do you know what the inside of your pet's ears look like?

Thanks to our in-Clinic Veterinary video otoscope, we do!

Photos From Our Video Otoscope
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stage 2 tooth decay



stage 3 tooth decay
stage 4 tooth decay



Veterinary Video Otoscopy Helps Us Treat Chronic Pet Ear Problems

A routine ear examination using a handheld otoscope could miss easily treatable problems. By using our in-clinic veterinary video otoscope, we are able to provide better and more accurate treatment.

What is a Veterinary Otoscope?

A Handheld Otoscope
photo of a handheld otoscope

A handheld otoscope light is less bright than the video otoscope and magnifies only 2-4x.
It also does not allow us to see problems that might be deeper in your pets' ears.

An instrument for examining the external canal and tympanic membrane of the ear. A typical handheld otoscope is pictured to the right.

What is a Veterinary Video Otoscope and What Can You Do With It?

A veterinary video otoscope is powerful tool in aggressively treating chronic animal ear infections and other ear problems. It has a built in camera and a powerful, bright light. It connects to a video system that allows us to capture, view, and record images at a magnification of 15x.

Video Otoscopy
photo of video otoscope

This not only means we can see better, brighter images at a much larger magnification, but when combined with a veterinary endoscope, we can treat problems that might lie even further in the ear.

We can even send tools through the video otoscope, including our state-of-the-art veterinary laser, to biopsy, remove and/or treat problems.

What Does This Mean For My Pets?

We can more accurately diagnose, treat, and perform procedures with minimal invasiveness to your pet.

Having the veterinary video otoscope has allowed us to more accurately diagnose and treat inner ear problems in our patients that might otherwise go undiagnosed.

To find out if the veterinary video otoscope is right for your pet, speak with our staff and learn more about this innovative technology.

Benefits » 

  • Less invasive for diagnosis/biopsy/treatment.
  • Clear, bright, 15x magnified images on a large screen for more accurate treatment/diagnosis.
  • Print image of ear for review and track progress.
  • See further in the ear to diagnose and treat your pet.
  • Send tools, like Laser, through the scope to more effectively treat, biopsy problems and diseases.

Diagnose and Treat »

  • Infection before and beyond the ear drum
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria
  • Foxtails
  • Wax Buildup
  • Biopsies
  • Tumor removal
  • Ruptured ear drums
  • Mites, chiggers, tick larvae
  • And more hidden dangers and undiagnosed problems.

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