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Pet Chiropractic Services

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Deb Sell DC - AVCA Certified Animal Chiropractor will be at our clinic. Please note: pets must be evaluated by Dr. Kureshi first for referral.

Q&A with Dr. Deb Sell:

Which pets can benefit from chiropractic care?

“Most pets can benefit from chiropractic care. Whether it's to keep them moving and functioning at a high level such as competitive agility dogs, or with older pets, chiropractic care can help them to move and feel better as long as possible, giving them a better quality of life. Many times a pet owner will notice that their pet no longer wants to jump up on the bed or couch, or perhaps they struggle going up or down stairs; adding chiropractic care can help by restoring a more normal joint function to those used in these activities.”

How does chiropractic treatment work with traditional veterinary care?
“Chiropractic care is a wonderful compliment to traditional veterinary care.  For example if the pet has a pinched nerve, medications for inflammation and pain management are very helpful and often adding chiropractic care will allow the body to heal itself.”

You can learn more about Dr. Sell at

Remember: pets aren't complainers and won't always let you know when they're
not feeling well.

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